Japanese Studies- Seen form Europe, Seen form Japa



§ Foreword: What is International Japanese Studies”?

・・・HOSHINO Tsutomu

§ Japanese Studies: Seen from Europe, seen from Japan

・・・Josef A. KYBURZ

§ Knowledge production, Endogenous vs Exogenous          

・・・Harumi BEFU

§ Transcending the Boundaries: The Case of the Anthropology of Japan

・・・KUWAYAMA Takami

§ Anthropologists and Their Areas: Some Thoughts on a Eupo/Japanese Approach   


§ Dimensions of Comparison and Translation: Rethinking Japanese Studies

・・・SHIMADA Shingo

§ The perception of Space and Time in Europe and Japan: in Defence of Cultural Relativism

・・・Josef A. KYBURZ

§ Korea’s Colonial Legacy and Japanese studies

・・・CHOI Kilsung

§ Sino-Japanese Cultural Junctions and Disjunctions from a European Perspective


§ Trapped in the images of Good Old Europe: Difficulties in de-orientalizing knowledge production in Japanese/Area Studies

・・・Steffi RICHTER

§ Japan’s Growing Cultural Power: The Example of Manga in France

・・・Jean-Marie BOUISSOU

§ The Human Kaleidoscope of the Edo Period as Seen in Language       

・・・TANAKA Yuko

§ Tradition and Contemporaneity: Can Noh Research Be Internationalized?


§ On the Differences between Kokushi and Nihonshi: A Study of the Collective Consciousness and Social Order Exhibited in Revolts and Festivals of Mid-Nineteenth Century Japan 

・・・SAWATO Hirosato

§ Approaches in Japanese Intellectual History and Their Reflection in Critiques of Maruyama Masao

・・・Annick HORIUCHI

§ Is Hanami a Unique element of Japanese Culture?

・・・SHIRAHATA Yozaburo

§ Ethnology, Folklore Studies, and the nation State: The Contribution of Yanagita Kunio           

・・・KABAYAMA Koichi

§ The Potential of Watsuji Tetsuo’s Philosophy

・・・HOSHINO Tsutomu

§ Addressing the National Character of Taste: Kuki’s Japan and Bergson’s France

・・・ ABIKO Shin

§ Is Genuine Intercultural Understanding Possible?:An Exploration Based on perceptions of the Classroom

・・・SAGARA Masatoshi

§ Japanese Collections in European Museums and the Development of Japanese Studies                     

・・・Josef KREINER