Since its inauguration, the Research Center for International Japanese Studies has organized a number of symposiums and workshops. Our aim for the workshop is to explore the characteristics of Japan from multiple perspectives through collaboration with scholars across the world. The overall topics including, but not limited to; Japanese studies in the world, cultural and structural comparison with Japan and other countries, Japan’s interactions and transnational relations with the world (especially Europe and other East Asian countries), and cultural diversity in Japan, from past to present.

Full list of past events [in Japanese] 


[The Alsace Workshop]
Especially in terms of transnational dialogue with Japanese and foreign scholars, we have collaborated closely with Centre Européen d’Etudes Japonaises d’Alsace (CEEJA) in France and holding international workshops annually since 2007*.
*From 2020, the Alsace workshop has been co-organized with the Consortium for Global Japanese Studies.

The 2nd EU-Japan Young Scholars Workshop
▲Flyer  2019

Workshop Report 2019(in Japanese)

The 3rd EU-Japan Young Scholars Workshop /
2020 International New Generation Workshop

▲Flyer  2020

Workshop Report 2020 

The 4th EU-Japan Young Scholars Workshop /
2021 International New Generation Workshop
▲Flyer  2021

Workshop Report 2021 

The 5th EU-Japan Young Scholars Workshop
in Alsace

Japanese Transnationalism and Empire

▲Flyer  2022

Workshop Report 2022 

The 6th EU-Japan Young Scholars Workshop
in Alsace
Transnational Change in Contemporary Japan


▲Flyer  2023

Workshop Report 2023


●Full list of past Alsace Workshop

2007 “On the Impossibility of Translation” (in Japanese)
2008 “The Emperor within Japanese Culture: What is the Emperor?”
2009 “Body and Embodiment”
2010 “Japan’s Identity ? Formation and Reaction”
2011 “Symbols of Japanese Identity”
2012 “National Identity and Religion”
2013 “Asia at the Core of Japanese Identity”
2014 “Japan and Its Future: Japanese Identity in the Maelstrom of Globalisation”
2015 “Core and Periphery: Environment and Nature Resisting against Exploitation”(in Japanese)
2016 “Man and Nature in Japan”
2018 “Current status of Japanese Studies in Europe : From a Perspective of Young Scholars in Humanities”(in Japanese)
2019 “Current status of Japanese Studies in Europe : From a Perspective of Young Scholars in Social Science”(in Japanese)
2020 “Multiplicity and Diversity of Culture and Language: Japan in a Global Context”
2021 “Japanese Studies and Transnationalism”
2022 “Japanese Transnationalism and Empire”
2023 “Transnational Change in Contemporary Japan”