International Japanese Studies: Annual Report No. VII

International Japanese Studies: Annual Report No. VII

Edited by Hosei University Research Center for International Japanese Studies, published in 10th October 2009

<Table of Contents>

Research Article (pp. 3-119)

Introduction of Western philosophy to modern Japan and the mind-body problem: Amane Nishi’s philosophical understanding of the human body, pp. 3-18.

The Differences of Patriotism in Japan and China, pp. 19-50.

The process leading up to the emergence of the Edo period, pp. 51-86.

Thinking about Time: an interpretation of Sankai Juku’s performance «TOKI – Moment in the Weave Time» through Gilles Deleuze’s writings, pp. 87-119.

Research Article of Young Researchers (pp. 123-211)

The Negishi-to and Negishi as a place, pp. 123-141.

A Design that Crossed the Sea: the Dragon in Ceramics, pp. 143-171.

・SHIN Hyeran
Sweetfish Fishing Communiqué—Plagiarism of the Works of Murakami Haruki in Korea, pp. 173-191.

Viewing the Poetry Specificity of Kou Ei (Huang Ying) and Kusano Sinpei from the Perspective of their Cross-Border Experience, pp. 193-211.

Reports from Research Teams (pp. 213-234)

Miscellaneous Report (pp. 237-258)

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