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In addition to archival materials stored at our institute in Tokyo, we also created an online database, “Japanese Buddhist Art in Europe (JBAE),” jointly operated with the Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies at the University of Zurich. This project aims to comprehensively survey, collect and archive data on Japanese religious objects with a focus on Buddhism in European museum collections. By publishing relevant information in an open-access database, it seeks to provide a solid basis for further research, to facilitate the design of new exhibitions, and to promote the distribution of knowledge concerning Japanese religious culture and art. You can now find over 4,000 images and information on Japanese Buddhist art collected from over 50 museums in more than 20 European countries on the database.


▲JBAE Flyer 2017


■The following databases of the Hosei University Research Center for International Japanese Studies will be inaccessible from March 8, 2021 until further notice, due to updates to the database systems and the improvement of the database server security. We apologise for the inconvenience.

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