International Japan-Studies, No 2

Journal of International Japan-Studies, No. 2, 2005.

  • OGAWA Ken’ichi, Royall Tyler’s interpretation of the n? play Matsukaze as revealed in his English translation, pp.15-37.
  • SHIKIMACHI Makiko, Expression and evasion in Sumida-gawa: The Nippon Gakujutsu Shinkoka English translation and Britten’s Curlew River, pp. 39-61.
  • KAWAI Osamu, Research on the Japanese-language magazine T?y? no Hikari published in Korea during the Japanese colonial period, pp. 63-107.
  • SHIN Hyeran, Representation of family in Japanese and Korean literature: A comparison of the novels of MURAKAMI Haruki and LEE Moon-Yeol, pp. 109-130.
  • KAIHO Hanano, The element of orientarilsm in YANAGI Muneyoshi’s philosophy: Origin of the mingei (folk crafts) movement and ASAKAWA Takumi, pp. 131-144.
  • SUZUMURA Yusuke, The concept of transcendence of KIYOZAWA Manshi, pp. 145-159.
  • HAYASHI Sumiko, Activities of the writer TAMURA Sh?gyo before his 1903 departure for America, pp. (19)-(39).
  • MATSUSHITA Natsumi, Another modern history of Japan as witnessed by an emigrant doctor: Testimony from NISHIMURA Takeshiro’s Zainan Sanj?gonen, pp. (1)-(17).