Call for Papers for the 6th EU-Japan Young Scholars Workshop in Alsace(Deadline: September 15th, 2023)2023/07/19

Call for Papers / Travel Grant

The 6th EU-Japan Young Scholars Workshop in Alsace
Transnational Change in Contemporary Japan

▶Call for Papers in PDF 【English】/【Japanese

■Date : November 17th – 19th, 2023
■Place: CEEJA (France)

■Organizing Committee
Hosei University Research Center for International Japanese Studies (HIJAS)
European Center for Japanese Studies in Alsace (CEEJA)
Consortium for Global Japanese Studies (CGJS)

Accepted participants will receive a full travel grant to visit CEEJA in Colmar.

How is transnationalism changing contemporary Japan? After the end of the Second World War, Japan gradually lifted its isolation policy and returned to “international society.” Since then, transnational mobility and interaction have significantly enhanced, especially after entering to 21st century. While its process may differ from many European countries, Japan is going through a transnational change in its own light by shifting its characteristics from the past. Continuing from the past two workshops on “Japanese transnationalism,” this year’s theme will be a transnational change focusing on contemporary Japanese society and culture from post-war to the present. On the one hand, we would invite papers that seek the transnational process and development of Japanese society and politics. On the other hand, we would also like to explore how transnationalism has been changing Japanese culture in a broad sense. We would welcome contributions widely from social science and humanities – sociology, politics, history, communication, education, philosophy, literature, media studies, film studies, etc. From exploring empirical case studies, we aim to capture the characteristics of contemporary Japanese transnationalism and seek an alternative image of Japan that is more fluid, mobile, and diverse.

◆ Keynote Speeches
● Thierry Hoquet (University of Paris – Nanterre)
“Erotic without Borders: The Mishima Mystery ―Dionysian Trance and Transnationality”
● Cesar Castellvi (Paris Cité University)
“What the Digitalization of the Public Sphere is Doing to Transnationalism: A Look at the Japanese Case”

◆ Workshop Format
● Presenters: Approximately 10 presenters
● Presentation: 40 minutes for each presenter (20 minutes presentation + 20 minutes discussion)
● Language: Presentations and comments in English, Japanese, or French (no interpretation)
● Commentators: Akinobu Kuroda (Strasbourg U), Erich Pauer (CEEJA), Hideto Tsuboi (Waseda U), Josef Kyburz (CNRS), Kei Takata (Hosei U), Masahi Oguchi (Hosei U), Nozomi Takahashi (Strasbourg U), Regine Mathias (CEEJA), Shin Abiko (Hosei U), Takami Kuwayama (Kwansei Gakuin U), Tsutomo Hoshino (Hosei U), Yasuko Yokoyama (Hosei U), Yusuke SUZUMURA (Meijo U)

Possible topics for contribution to the workshop include, but are not limited to:
● Development and Conditions of Contemporary Japanese Transnationalism
– Transnational (im)mobility from the post-war until the current
– Migrants, hāfu, and returnees
– Transnational restriction and control (citizenship, border control, etc.)
– Transnational civil society in Post-war Japan
– Nationalist reactions to transnational change

● Transnational Practices and Expressions of Contemporary Japanese Culture
– Japanese transnationalism and language
– Transnational literature / migrant literature
– Transnational impact on Japanese social and political thoughts
– Transnational representations in media and film

◆ Eligibility, Application, and Condition
Eligibility: The workshop is intended for early-career researchers – graduate students, post-docs, and young scholars who hold junior teaching/research positions at academic institutions in Europe and beyond.
Travel grant:
– Presenters will be paid for their travel costs (submission of travel receipts required).
– Accommodation and meals during the workshop period will be provided
Application procedure: Applicants must submit the following documents to HIJAS (
–  Proposal title (English and Japanese) and abstract (max. 300 words in English or max. 800 letters in Japanese)
–  Current curriculum vitae

◆ Deadline: September 15th, 2023

Hosei University Research Center for International Japanese Studies
Tel: (+81)-3-3264-9682

◆Reports of our past workshops on Japanese transnationalism.
● 2022: Japanese Transnationalism and Empire
● 2021: Japanese Studies and Transnationalism