Call for Papers for the 5th EU-Japan Young Scholars Workshop in Alsace(Deadline: August 31st, 2022)2022/07/15

Call for Papers

The 5th EU-Japan Young Scholars Workshop in Alsace
Japanese Transnationalism and Empire

▶CEEJA website

■Date : November 4th – 6th, 2022
■Place: CEEJA (France)

■Organizing Committee
Hosei University Research Center for International Japanese Studies (HIJAS)
European Center for Japanese Studies in Alsace (CEEJA)
Consortium for Global Japanese Studies (CGJS)

Empire is an agency that promotes the mobility of people and the flow of goods and information across borders to expand its power. At the same time, transnationalism can lead to various actions that would potentially destruct the empire. Hence, transnationalism both empowers and demolishes the empire. Empirically speaking, throughout its long history, Japan has been influenced by different empires and developed ties with them. On the other hand, Japan was also once an empire that displayed power against the world, especially toward the Asian neighbors. Based on these theoretical and empirical understandings, this year’s workshop explores Japan’s transnational relations with the empire across the world and transnational activities within the Japanese empire. How did Japan develop transnational relations with the past and present empires? How were the transnational practices within the Japanese empire? How did the Japanese resist the empire through generating transnational ties with people outside? We welcome historical and contemporary works that tackle the workshop theme from different fields of research – international relations, transnational culture and language, migration research, global civil society, policy transfer, globalization of education, tourism studies, and diffusion of knowledge, among others.

Possible topics for contribution to the workshop include, but are not limited to:
Japanese transnational relations with past and present Empire
– Transnational relations with European empires (Spain, Russia, Great Britain, Germany, etc.)
– Transnational relations with Asian empires (Mongol, Ottoman, China, etc.)
– Japanese transnationalism under Pax-Americana
– Japanese transnationalism against the empires
Transnationalism in making and demolishing the Japanese empire
– Migration and forced migration under the Japanese empire
– Transnational culture and language of the Japanese empire
– Boundary making and shifting within the Japanese empire
– Policy and strategy of transnational mobility by the Japanese empire

◆ Keynote Speeches
● Naoki SAKAI (Cornell University) on The End of Pax Americana: The Loss of Empire and Hikikomori Nationalism (Duke UP, 2022)
● Michael LUCKEN (INALCO) on The Japanese and the War: Expectation, Perception, and the Shaping of Memory (Columbia UP , 2017)

◆ Workshop Format
● Commentators: Josef KYBURZ (CNRS), Sandra SCHAAL (Strasbourg University), Akinobu KURODA (Strasbourg University), Nozomi TAKAHASHI (Strasbourg University), Erich PAUER (CEEJA), Regine MATHIAS (CEEJA), Hideto TSUBOI (Waseda University), OGUCHI Masashi (Hosei University), ABIKO Shin (Hosei University), Kei TAKATA (Hosei University), Yusuke SUZUMURA (Meijo University)

● Presenters: Approximately 10 presenters
● Presentation: 60 minutes for each presenter including Q&A
● Language: Presentations and comments in English, Japanese or French (no interpretation)

◆ Eligibility, Application, and Condition
Eligibility: The workshop is intended for early-career researchers – graduate students, post-docs, and young scholars who hold junior teaching/research positions at academic institutions in Europe and beyond.
Travel and accommodation support:
– Presenters will be paid for their travel costs (submission of travel receipts required).
– Accommodation and meals during the workshop period will be provided

Application procedure: Applicants must submit the following documents through the application form on CEEJA website
– Proposal title (English and Japanese) and abstract (max. 300 words in English or max. 800 letters in Japanese)
– Current curriculum vitae
▶ The application form on CEEJA website:
▶ Call for Papers in PDF 【English】/【Japanese

◆ Deadline: August 31st, 2022

Please note: We expect to hold the conference on-site at CEEJA in France. If the situation does not allow us due to Covid-19 or other unprecedented situations, we may switch to a Hyflex format combining on-site and online participation. We will inform our decision at an appropriate time so that you can prepare for your participation in advance.

Program Administrator: Frédéric EBRARD (CEEJA)  E-mail:
European Center for Japanese Studies in Alsace / Centre Européen d’Etudes Japonaises d’Alsace (CEEJA)
1 rue Camille Schlumberger 68000 Colmar, France Tél. +33 (0)3 68 61 09 06