The 5th EU-Japan Young Scholars Workshop / 2022 International New Generation Workshop(2022.11.4-6)2022/10/25

Information for online participation:
The 5th EU-Japan Young Scholars Workshop in Alsace
Japanese Transnationalism and Empire

Hosei University Research Center for International Japanese Studies will hold an international workshop, “Japanese Transnationalism and Empire” at the Centre Européen d’Etudes Japonaises d’Alsace between November 4th ~ 6th, 2022. We welcome observers to join us online. For those interested, please refer to the online application form at the bottom of the page.

Japanese Transnationalism and Empire

Consortium for Global Japanese Studies (CGJS)
Hosei University Research Center for International Japanese Studies (HIJAS)
European Center for Japanese Studies in Alsace (CEEJA)

■Date and Time:
November 4th (Friday) ~ November 6th (Sunday)

Workshop program

Abstract for presentations


■Language: English/Japanese

■ Event format:
Hyflex (Presentations will be mainly given on site. Participants can access online.)

Registration for an online participation:
If you wish to participate online, please fill in the google form below.
We will inform you a zoom link via e-mail.

■ Registration Deadline: November 2nd (Wednesday) 10:00 am (JST)

Program Administrator: Frédéric EBRARD (CEEJA)  E-mail:
European Center for Japanese Studies in Alsace / Centre Européen d’Etudes Japonaises d’Alsace (CEEJA)
1 rue Camille Schlumberger 68000 Colmar, France Tél. +33 (0)3 68 61 09 06

【Keynote Speakers】
・Naoki SAKAI(Cornell University, USA)
“The End of Pax Americana: The Loss of Empire and Hikikomori Nationalism (Duke UP, 2022)”
・Michael LUCKEN(Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales(INALCO), France)
“The Japanese and the War: Expectation, Perception, and the Shaping of Memory (Columbia UP, 2017)”

・Amin GHADIMI(Osaka University, Japan)
“Fukuda Hideko and the Transimperial Origins of Japanese Terrorism”
・Tomoki SAKATA(Otto-Friedrich-University Bamberg, Germany)
“Consequential Application of Watsuji’s Ethics of Ningen to Transnational Relations”
・Nikolaos MAVROPOULOS (The Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg Institute of Advance Study, Germany)
“Two Colonialisms in Contrast: The Italian and Japanese Cases in the 19th Century”
・Paola MASCHIO (Hosei University, Japan)
“Gambling in the Empires: A Comparison of Early Modern Japan and Europe”
・Anna SHIMOMURA (Osaka University, Japan)
“Tracing Joseph Conrad’s Colonial Ambivalence in the Popular Literature of Imperial Japan”
・Jasmin RÜCKERT(University of Düsseldorf, Germany)
“Visual Constructions of Empire in the Illustrated Magazines Manchuria Graph (1933-1945) and Hokushi –Northern China (1937-1943)”
・Kimihiko NAKAMURA(Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg, Germany)
“Painting Two Empires: Okada Kenzō and Kawabata Minoru under the Empire of Japan and Pax Americana”
・Jana Isabel ARESIN(Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany)
“A Benevolent Empire?: Representations of Women’s Liberation and Democracy in Japanese Women’s
Magazines under the U.S.-Occupation”

・Josef KYBURZ(CNRS-CRCAO / France)
・Akinobu KURODA(Strasbourg University / France)
・Nozomi TAKAHASHI(Strasbourg University / France)
・Erich PAUER(CEEJA/France)
・Regine MATHIAS(CEEJA/France)
・Hideto TSUBOI (Waseda University / Japan)
・Masashi OGUCHI(Hosei University / Japan)
・Shin ABIKO(Hosei University / Japan)
・Kei TAKATA(Hosei University / Japan)
・Yusuke SUZUMURA(Meijo University / Japan)