Report of the International Symposium: Japan and Its Future: Japanese Identity in the Maelstrom of Globalisation (Alsace Symposium 2014)2014/11/20

Report of the International Symposium: Japan and Its Future: Japanese Identity in the Maelstrom of Globalisation (Alsace Symposium 2014)

30th October – 1st November 2014

Centre européen d’études japonaises d’Alsace (CEEJA)

<Host Organizations>
Hosei University Research Center for International Japanese Studies (HIJAS)
Le Département d’études japonaises de l’Université de Strasbourg
L’UMR 8155 Centre de Recherche sur les Civilisations de l’Asie Orientale (CRCAO)
Le Centre européen d’études japonaises d’Alsace (CEEJA)

Day 1 [30th October]
Opening Ceremony

Johannes Wilhelm (University of Vienna [Austria])
We just want to be staying here …Social vulnerability and resilience in rural villages of Eastern Japan

Josef Kreiner (Hosei University [Japan])
Interdisciplinary and international approaches to the study of Japanese culture and society – the case of the Aso-Project of Vienna University

Min Wang (Hosei University [Japan])
The common dream of Japan and China in East Asia: On sericiculture and the filature of Tomioka (World Heritage Site)

Tsutomu Hoshino (Hosei University [Japan])
Globalisation and fudo (‘Climate’)

Shin Abiko (Hosei University [Japan])
Le dépassement de la modernité repensé

Akinobu Kuroda (University of Strasbourg [France])
La logique de l’espèce en tant que théorie de base pour la construction d’une nouvelle communauté plastique

General Discussion

Day 2 [31st October]
Sergei Chugrov (Moscow State University of International Relations [Russia])
Japan in search of its new identity in the globalisation era (An essay in sociological analysis)

Paul Jobin (Paris Diderot University – Paris 7, School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences [France])
Taiwan and Okinawa: Postcolonial variations

Dmitry Streltsov (Moscow State University of International Relations [Russia])
The complex of victimization as a part of the Japanese postwar national identity

Masaharu Hishida (Hosei University [Japan])
Ambivalence in historical memory – The image of Japan in contemporary China

Masashi Oguchi (Hosei University [Japan])
La ‘mondialisation’ du Japon à l’époque ancienne – L’État des codes, les missions officielles et la culture japonaise

Yusuke Suzumura (Hosei University [Japan])
The resolution of conflicting ideologies with an outlook for the future: Ishibashi Tanzan’s arguments about ideology as a divisive power

General Discussion

Day 3 [1st November]
Junzo Kawada (Hosei University / Kanagawa University [Japan])
L’usage polyvalent des ressources végétales et l’es-thétique de mitate: ce que le Japon peut contribuer à l’avenir de l’humanité

Benoît Jacquet (French School of the Far East, Kyoto Branch [France])
On things to come: What contemporary Japanese architecture should be like

Paul Dumouchel (Ritsumeikan University [Japan])
The robot as an individual

Josef Kyburz (East Asian Civilisations Research Center [France])
Does Japan have a future?

General Disucussionand Closing Ceremony

<Executive Summary>
In this year, there were 16 scholors from Japan, France, Austria, and China made their presentation focusing on a relationship between national identity in Japan and Asia. Result of the symposium will be published as a series of research monographs of HIJAS by February 2015.