Greetings from the Director

“Japanese Studies” has existed as a field of research for a long time. Although research is conducted overseas focussing on various Japanese cultural phenomena, “Japa-nese Studies” is an academic opportunity that allows diverse viewpoints to co-exist on literature, philosophy, social science, politics and anthropology. By connecting “Japanese Studies” from all regions of the world, and understanding the international features of each example, we aim to give “Japa-nese Studies” a new and dynamic opening that we at Hosei University have coined “International Japanese Studies”. Our Research Center has strived to establish this new research field of “International Japanese Studies” as a meta-science. In the future, however, we anticipate gradual change from the establishment of methodology to observing actual practice in each field. “Japanese Studies” around the world is said to have lost its past fervour, yet through research in “International Japanese Studies” we hope to encourage a reconsideration and rediscovery of the specialty and universality of Japanese culture that will further our aim towards “true international collaboration”.

OGUCHI Masashi, Director, Hosei University Research Center for International Japanese Studies