About Books and Reference Materials

Terms of Use

  1. Anyone can use books and reference materials.
  2. In principal, people who are not authorized by Hosei University must have a letter of introduction to use books and reference materials. Students should submit a letter of introduction from their academic advisor (or the person/institute who serves as their advisor). Non-students should submit a letter of introduction from a researcher or public institution (library, etc.).
  3. Those who wish to use books and reference materials should submit their preferred time and date in advance.

How to Use Books and Reference Materials

  1. Enter your information in the list of users.
  2. To view materials, please use the tables located within the facility.
  3. Please take care when using books and reference materials.
  4. Books and reference materials cannot be checked out.
  5. Writing instruments other than pencils are prohibited.
  6. Eating, drinking, and smoking within the facilities is also prohibited.

Using Microfiche and Microfilm

  1. Different methods of usage apply to the machines used to view materials stored on microfiche or microfilm. If you are unsure how to use them, please ask a staff member.
  2. Please take care when using the microfiche or microfilm materials.


  1. Partial copies can be made of books and reference materials. Please use the copy counter to make copies. Inform a staff member if you would like to make copies. Monochrome copies are 10/page, and color copies are 40/page. Payment must be made in cash.
  2. Printing microfiche or microfilm is 10/page. Payment must be made in cash.
  3. Information about handling rare or valuable materials is outlined separately.


  1. Books and materials can be used from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).
  2. As a rule, books and materials cannot be used during Hosei University’s winter break (late December ? early January) and during the entrance exam period (early to mid-February). Books and materials are only available on certain days during the summer break (August ? mid-September).
  3. Hours: 9:30 ? 16:30. Closed from 11:30 ? 12:30.
  4. The facilities may be closed at times for processing and organization, so please make sure to contact us ahead of time if you wish to use them.